Javi Galiana

The Master Mind. Almost 6’5 feet of plans and advanced projects always to be developed. The perfect host. Hedonist and attentive. Ideologist and main song writer of the band. A determined person without whom it would be impossible to conceive a band like The Hello Friends.

Tomás Serna

The Quiet Man. A paused character at the controls of a fast paced rhythm machine. And it is not a contradiction. Wrapped in his aura of serenity and a certain melancholy, he will always look at you in the eyes when speaking and will expose his valuable ideas. Sure, he’s got a cat at home.

Adolfo Galiana

Genius of the Guitar. Friendly and close, without a doubt the ideal companion to go to a night concert. Extraordinarily sensitive and intuitive. Multifaceted. It could be said that there are several Adolfos in their long musical journey, all of them equally valuable.

Miguel Fernández

The Musician. Knower of all secrets and with fast silk fingers that slide up and down all along the piano. Producer of the album and main responsible for its clean and classic sound. An endearing and familiar wizard, always with a thousand stories to tell.

Alfred Martínez

The Goldsmith. With his vocal harmonies inherited from The Beatles and his imploring voice in the Byrds style, sometimes he might look like a minstrel of past times. Delicate arranger, he enjoys in this musical playground where he always wanted to play since he was a child.

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