Late-night of Tuesday in Albatera, just at the conclusion of the major act of the patron saint festivities in the main square of the town. Temperature above 30 ° and night on the street tremendously wet. Although the public that decided to stay at the roundabout was not numerous, the atmosphere of great occasions could be breathed and sometimes reminded those memorable concerts of years ago in which a handful of fans went with devotion as a fan to see and hear from close to their idols of the moment, often newcomers from England or USA and whose songs we knew by heart thanks to the local FM or second-hand records bought in the Rastro Madrid for two dollars.

The Alicante band did not disappoint expectations at all and once again it was one of the most stimulating appearances of recent times. The hypnotic rhythm imposed by the drums of Tomás Serna set the tone from the first moment and the beautiful and peculiar voices of Javier and Alfred began to float on it, wrapped around the virtuosity of Fito Galiana on the guitar and the fascinating magician Miguel Angel Fernández with the delicious retro sounds of their keyboards. Balanced as always, at elegant moments and at other times very energetic, with their usual winks to the classic rock of the 60s and the velvety pop of the 80s, the gospel of the band was playing in a joyful way, song after song, in the manner of a concentrated powerful melodic soup. The assistants were pleasantly surprised at the solvency of the quintet, remembering a record that sometimes even pales before the exuberance and packaging of their live show. Quintet? Sextet! Because they were occasionally supported by British country legend John Roche, instrumental myth of the pedal steel guitar that now enjoys its golden retirement on the Alicante coast.

This time they finished with two resounding encores, the “Runaway” of Del Shannon and the repetition of their single “With You”, to then disappear exhausted. As in other times, The Hello Friends overwhelmed with an instrumental skill that in some instants struck with pure goldsmithing. An always exciting proposal by a band that moves away from fads without making ordinary or conventional songs but stories and developments close to pleasure itself. They are to be seen again and again.

Lorenzo de la Rica

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