On June 17, at the Teatro Circo Atanasio Díe Marín in Orihuela, The Hello Friends presented their new album “It’s Everything”.

“The Hello Friends returned to make the audience enjoy the new concert of the mini-tour to present their first album. Approximately 450-500 people celebrated with the band a magnificent event at the Circus Theater in the town of Orihuela (Alicante) , a unique stage that combines beauty and extraordinary acoustics.

Little more than 8 o’clock in the afternoon the lights were fused in black and the quintet made its appearance on stage, under the quasi-industrial sounds of “It’s Everything”, the first song of the album and also the cut with which the band is starting This cycle of presentation concerts.

After adjusting the sound on the first two tracks, the group proved very comfortable and quickly connected with the audience. Javier Galiana already started a brief presentation of each of the musicians and began to shed the songs of the recent CD. The decibels increased when the guitarist Santi Campillo appeared on stage, one of the surprises that the group had announced on their social networks and collaborator at the time in one of the songs on the album, accompanying the band in two of the songs. And immediately after, group and audience reached the climax during the performance of “With You”, first single of the band that was clamorously received by all attendees.

After a brief piano interlude by Miguel Ángel Fernández during which the remaining members took advantage to change their costumes, the band then undertook a final stretch of the show that seemed apotheosis, with the audience absolutely delivered and satisfied.

At the conclusion of an overwhelming “Cathedral of Tears”, the musicians left the stage, being immediately demanded with insistence for the interpretation of two encores more.

Undoubtedly an extraordinary concert that once again highlights the beauty of their melodies and the interpretative level that the band is acquiring concert by concert, wrapped in their sixties imprints and echoes of the eighties. They have repertoire, style and connection with the audience … what else can you ask for?

The Hello Friends are undoubtedly a band that we will hear about repeatedly and constantly in the coming months. Of course, I will not lose track of them for a moment. ”

Lorenzo de La Rica

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