On May 5, In Albatera’s Casa de la Cultura, The Hello Friends began their tour to present their new album “It’s Everything”.

“A little more than 8 o’clock at night the lights of the room turned off and the stage began to vibrate with the trepidation of” It’s Everything “, the theme of the beginning of the album. The auditorium of the House of Culture of Albatera was full of public, in fact its 350 tickets for sale had been sold out 2 days in advance. And the so much desired happened. A magical and exciting concert where the band was rehearsing the 14 tracks of their newly released CD one by one, as if they were the beads of a beautiful necklace.

The audience received the songs as a gift and returned a resounding ovation in exchange for each of them. Stellar moments were many, but perhaps I am left with that delicate moment where keyboardist Miguel A. Fernández, completely alone on stage, drew some beautiful chords that overwhelmed the hearts of those present. After the celebrated encores, a very long applause put the point and followed the evening, as the band and the audience were summoned to the new appointment at the Teatro Circo de Orihuela on June 17.

With an excellent sound and a spectacular play of lights, The Hello Friends made it clear that they have a promising path ahead. There is a record, there are songs, there is live and there is a desire.

Lorenzo de la Rica ”

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